1 Ft CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable, Non-Booted, Blue

CAT5E Non-Booted

1 Ft CAT5E Ethernet Patch Cable, Non-Booted, Blue

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Cat5e bootless ethernet patch cables are fast and reliable with everything you need for up to gigabit rates. The No Boot design makes for easier clipping and unclipping.  Cat5e will get the job done without slowing down the connection. Our Cat5e ethernet patch cables are UL tested and are above industry standards. Made with 100% copper wire and contact Gold Plating 50u making it the highest quality CAT5E cable available. These CAT5e cables can run at 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps Rate and transfer data at speeds of 350 Mghz. The ends are bootless RJ45  and are perfect for any job where getting a snag is likely. We offer a variety of networking cables all UL tested and above industry standards. We have a large selection of sizes between 1 and 100 Feet. We have UTP and STP cables as well as Booted and Non-Booted. 


Blue CAT5E Patch Cords (UTP)
100% Copper Wire
EIA/TIA TSB-40A ETL Verified
Contact Gold Plating 50u"
Molded Strain Relief
Stranded 568B

RoHS Compliant
Lifetime Warranty